4G Router, NMEA 2000, Remote Monitoring & Long Range WiFi


“This pack includes 4G Xtream with NavAlert, NMEA 2000 cabling kit and WiFi extender antenna. Ideal solution to get fast internet access on board via 4G and WiFi hotspot as well as NMEA 2000 data connected to phones and tablets for use with popular navigation apps.  NavAlert provides local alerting and monitoring on board plus real time SMS remote alerting through the 4G Xtream”


This pack combines an internet access solution, utilising a 4G router, a WiFi extender antenna, NMEA 2000 interface, navigation alarms and remote monitoring solution. Products include:

  • 4G Xtream – 4G Router with built-in WiFi router & 2 external antennas
  • NavAlert
  • NMEA 2000 starter kit
  • Long range WiFi




With this solution, you will obtain a fast internet access up to 25 NM via 4G and WiFi hotspot and you will receive all your navigation data under the same WiFi network. With internet connectivity on board you can download the latest weather or chart updates as well as having a mobile office on board. As well, you will receive all your navigation data in the same network to display and use in real time your navigation data on navigation apps & software.


4GXtream is our latest, premium LTE (cellular) internet access on board product with a NMEA 2000 interface.  With a CAT 6 modem, it offers fast connectivity at up to 300 MBs (network dependent).  It has a built in dual band wifi router supporting multiple connections as well as dual SIM slots (with auto fail over if required).


It ships as a complete package with dual external antennas, deck mounting hardware and cabling.  With the two external antennas, you can receive internet up to 25 NM.


4G Xtream also has an NMEA 2000 interface so that NMEA 2000 navigation data can be made available for apps on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs. This allows all NMEA 2000 data as well as internet data to be sent to popular iOS and Android apps and navigation software such as Navionics, iSailor, Weather4D, SailGrib, iNavX, TimeZero, OpenCPN and more.


4G Xtream has an easy to use interface and is unlocked so users are free to fit a data SIM card from any mobile provider they choose. The 4GXtream has two standard SIM slots so it is possible to fit two SIMs from two different network operators. Operation is simple – turn on, connect to the password protected WiFi that 4G Xtream creates and your device is online for internet for your boat.


This solution also includes a WiFi booster kit. This simple kit, comprising of a high gain 15dBi antenna, mounting base, 10m LMR400 low loss cable and connector kit allows one of the 4G Xtream‘s dual wifi modules to connect to a marina’s wireless network “hotspot” to use their internet connection rather than the 4G mobile network. This is particularly useful in remote areas where 4G coverage may not be good or if you have a limited or expensive data plan on your SIM.


The high gain antenna has been designed to operate over the full 2.4 & 5GHz wireless frequency range, so you can take advantage of the latest 5GHz wireless networks in marinas which are gradually replacing the older and more congested 2.4GHz networks. The antenna cable can be connected to either of the Wi-Fi connections on the rear of the 4G Xtream, replacing the standard internal antenna and the 10m of low loss cable allow you to mount the external antenna in a suitable position on deck using the supplied mount.


NavAlert allows an alarm to be set for any parameter that’s available on the boat’s NMEA 2000 network. That could be navigation data such as depth, heading or speed, electrical data such as voltage and engine/generator data including temperature, pressure, tank levels, fuel flow etc.


It connects anywhere on the NMEA 2000 network and also takes power from this connection so installation is super simple. A local WiFi network is created by NavAlert so setup is possible via any smart phone, tablet or PC. Simply choose the parameter you want to monitor and set an alarm level. Multiple parameters can be monitored. NAVAlert can be configured so that any alert is displayed as a pop-up warning alarm on a Garmin MFD.


Integrated into NavAlert is a custom alarm for anchor drift using an algorithm to calculate the optimum drift radius based on depth and the scope of the chain for reliable notifications. There’s also an anti collision alarm based on CPA (closest point of approach) and TCPA (time to closest point of approach) AIS data from a connected AIS. These alerts can also be monitored through the wireless interface with attractive graphical displays of current status.


When connected to a 4G Xtream (which features a NMEA 2000 interface), alerts can also be sent via SMS to a remote phone.  Simply select alert by SMS as an option on the NavAlert alarm set up menu and the integrated solution can be used for easy remote monitoring. Geofence your boat at anchor or set an alert for high wind speed etc. Great for feeling secure that the anchor is holding well when enjoying a lunch ashore It’s super flexible and easy remote monitoring for your boat without the expense of an expensive, dedicated tracking and monitoring system.




The 4G Xtream and the NavAlert have an NMEA 2000 interface so the installation is very easy with our NMEA 2000 starter kit included in the pack. NMEA2000 uses a simple backbone (or sometimes called “trunk”) structure which requires terminators at each end of the cabling and then each device can be spurred off using a drop cable. The bus also requires power.


Furthermore, the waterproof connectors throughout ensure maximum reliability and it makes for an easy plug ‘n play installation. We supply two NMEA 2000 starter kits with this pack so that you can connect 8 devices.


You can also add extra instruments (Wind, Depth, Speed, Temperature, etc.) to the NMEA 2000 network and thus receiving all their data onto the navigation apps & software.




You can configure the NavAlert through its own simple web interface, just open your web browser, enter the NavAlert’s IP address and you can change network name & password or even merge the WiFi to an existing WiFi network on board. So no complicated programming software or app required.


A number of common Alerts have been pre-defined, sorted by category, which you can select and modify or you can create your own custom alert from scratch. When you have configured an alert, you can select the action NAVAlert will take when the Alert occurs, such as the internal alarm’s tone and duration that will be sounded or sending the alarm to a compatible Multi-Function Display (MFD) or even to send an SMS message to your mobile phone (if connected to the 4G Xtream).


NAVAlert also has a powerful, built-in Anchor Alarm that can monitor for anchor drag and also collision alarms with Closest Point of Approach (CPA) and Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA).




  • 4G booster with WiFi extender
  • Solution to receive both 4G and WiFi hotspot internet access as well as to receive all the navigation data on apps & software
  • 4GConnect has a Hi performance 4G/LTE modem for exceptional speed and range
  • SIM unlocked for AT&T and T-Mobile
  • Supplied with 2 x high performance external 19″ antennas for optimum speed and range
  • Choose between 23ft , 33ft or 66ft cables
  • Supplied with deck base for antennas (as shown)
  • LTE Class 3 modem offers long range and up to 70Mbps speeds
  • Creates a WiFi network on board protected by password
  • Ethernet LAN port for connection to iKommunicate navigation interface; so boat NMEA 0183/2000 data is available on the WiFi network. This is ideal for smartphone and tablet navigation
  • Ethernet WAN port for connection to WL510 for combination LTE/WiFi hotspot solution
  • iKommunicate has Three Opto Isolated NMEA0183 Inputs and two Differential NMEA0183 Outputs
  • It has a NMEA2000 Certified Gateway with Integral NMEA2000 drop cable
  • Internal 8GB micro SD Card for hosting Web Pages and Apps
  • WL510 has an adjustable (up to 600mW) Wi-Fi modem and high gain (12dBm) omni-directional antenna
  • Easy to setup and control from any browser through web based interface
  • Network Interface so can connect to the WAN port of the 4G Connect Pro
  • 12V DC operation with <5W power consumption
Cable length

23ft, 33ft, 66ft

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