• 4GConnect Pro

    US $799.95 Price incl. VAT: US $959.94

    “4G Connect Pro is a new 2G/3G/4G (LTE) internet access solution for use afloat. The Pro model uses two external antennas for optimum speed and range and also incorporates a full function wifi router.”

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  • AIT2000 Class B AIS Transponder

    US $659.95 Price incl. VAT: US $791.94

    Ultra-compact  AIS Transponder Class B that uses the latest AIS transponder technology to squeeze more performance and interfacing options with half the size of our previous generation transponder.

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  • CLA2000 is a Class A AIS Transponder


    US $1,999.95 Price incl. VAT: US $2,399.94

    “CLA2000 is the ultimate SOLAS and inland waterway globally approved Class A AIS transceiver. “

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  • Class A PC Pilot Plug Extension Cable

    US $140.00 Price incl. VAT: US $168.00

    “The Digital Deep Sea extension cable, extends the NMEA0183 wiring and not the USB wiring making it possible to extend up to 10m “

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  • DiGAToN

    From: US $5,100.00

    “AtoNs fit to marine structures, hazards, buoys or can be configured to represent a virtual or synthetic point if mounted remotely from a physical location. AIS equipped vessels and shore stations can then not only identify the position of these marks but also read data

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  • Extension cables for 4G Connect Pro

    From: US $275.00

    4G Connect Pro is supplied as standard with two 23ft (7M) LMR200 cable assemblies.  This kit includes two 33ft (10m) or 66ft (20m) minimal loss LMR400 cables that allow you to place your antennas higher.”

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    US $189.95 Price incl. VAT: US $227.94

    “The GPS150 DualNav™ positioning sensor combines a super accurate 50 channel GPS with GLONASS.”

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    US $369.95 Price incl. VAT: US $443.94

    “Fluxgate compass with auto calibration and fast heading output for MARPA or course up radar stabilisation.”

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  • MOB100

    “The AIS MOB100 is an ultra compact AIS MOB beacon/SART.  Its designed for manual or auto activation from a lifejacket and when triggered will send the casualty position 8 times a minute to any AIS equipped vessels or shore stations. Range is typically 5-10NM.”

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  • Pilot Plug USB Cable

    US $140.00 Price incl. VAT: US $168.00

    “Easy PC connections from a Class A AIS to a PC or MAC”

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  • wireless interface for Class A AIS Transponder


    US $319.95 Price incl. VAT: US $383.94

    “Connects to the pilot plug interface so iPad, iPhones and other tablets can share the AIS data via a wifi link”

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  • S1000

    US $695.00 Price incl. VAT: US $834.00

    “IMO Compliant AIS SART with the latest technology, performance and great value.”

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